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Suggestions Hero counters Fiora

You can chose Top Or Jungle

  • Hero is strong solo in early game
  • Hero has Crowd Control
  • Long-term fight, good pillar.

Top Lane (89%)

Fiora Top Lane Counters: 24,162 matches, 50 counter champions

Best Picks Against Fiora

  1. Cassiopeia ( 61,22% )
  2. Ngộ không ( 60,87% )
  3. Rengar ( 60,42 % )

Jungle (8%)

Fiora In the Jungle Counters: 2,147 matches, 32 counter champions

Best Picks Against Fiora

  1. Volibear (66,56%)
  2. Karthus (62,89%)
  3. Jax (59,93%)

Source : https://www.counterstats.net/league-of-legends/fiora

Tip Against Fiora

  • If Fiora activates the Dual Sword Duality, use stun to control it. However, you need to be careful or you will get hit with his back with a stick.
  • Fiora’s physical damage is more than all other generals so please go to thorn armor to counter this champion.
  • Do not stand near teammates when Fiora has Tiamat Ax / Ax Mang Xa because the damage caused is widespread when activating “Great Player Challenge”.
  • When Fiora uses her attack technique, it is time to attack this girl.

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