Ahri Build Guides S12: Runes, Items and Combo


Build Guide Ahri S12 League of Legends: Summoner Spells / Runes / Items / Ability Order and combo. Ahri is a great choice for Mid.

Ahri’s Summoner Spells

Using Flash and Ignite

Ahri’s Runes



Ahri’s Items

  • Starting Items
  • Mythic Items
  • Core Items
  • Boots
  • Full Items


PASSIVE – ESSENCE THEFT: Whenever Ahri hits a target with a spell, she gains a stack of Essence Theft. When she has enough stacks, her next spell that hits an enemy also heals her.

Q – ORB OF DECEPTION: Ahri sends out and pulls back her orb, dealing magic damage on the way out and true damage on the way back.

W – FOX-FIRE: Ahri gains a brief burst of movement speed and releases three fox-fires, that lock onto and attack nearby enemies.

E – CHARM: Ahri blows a kiss that damages and charms an enemy it encounters, instantly stopping movement abilities and causing them to walk harmlessly towards her. The target temporarily takes increased damage from Ahri.

R – SPIRIT RUSH: Ahri dashes forward and fires essence bolts, damaging nearby enemies. Spirit Rush can be cast up to three times before going on cooldown.

Skill order

Q > E > W


Combo Ahri

  • E -> R
  • E -> R -> W
  • Q -> Flash
  • E -> Flash
  • R -> Flash
  • R -> E -> Flash
  • E -> Q -> R -> W -> AA
  • E -> Q -> R -> W -> Flash -> R
  • E -> Flash -> R -> W -> Q
  • E -> Flash -> R -> W -> Q -> R
  • E -> Q -> R -> W -> R
  • R -> E -> Q -> W -> R


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